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                          Welcome To The Official Website For

                             The Burbage Birders Travel Club

                                                                                 The Leicestershire Lowlisters? 






LROS Latest sightings. Updated daily ! HERE 


 I'm sure this little beauty is on it's way to Scilly  

 in the next few weeks.

 My friends house in  Framingham Mass had 

 them sitting on the garage roof.

 A Brian Pollard Picture










  This illusive wader on the "Brides" at the 

 end of October please ! 

 A Derek Evans picture.








Islay in February 2017 Geese, Geese and much more ( FULL )  

Norfolk / Suffolk  January 2017  coast and reserves 3 nights half board  ( CANCELLED )  

Anything can be here during the winter.  

Orkney ,Hoy and North Ronaldsay 2017 June 9 days half board .   (11 only on this trip )

 North Norfolk ( full day in Two vehicles  12 people only ) Two days now going Christmas Special !  ( FULL )

More walks to follow !


Puerto Pollensa Majorca ,7 nights half board autumn 2017  Early April ( 5 PLACES LEFT  }

Navarra Region  Spain. 7 nights all inclusive staying in Isaba  May 2017  ( CONTACT NOW ) 

Portugal 2017  Hotel Alcazar 7 nights half board at Monte Gordo in early May  ( NOW FULL )

Hungary in April 2017  10 only .Full information to follow. ( 6 PLACES LEFT  )

Bulgaria September 2017  4 nights Old Nessebar, 3 nights Varna ( 12 Places ) NEW



On the Isle of Lunga with the Puffins and

 12 members of Burbagebirders.











  Kentish Plover in Manchester. Pictured by 

  who else but David Carr .










Long Billed Dowitcher  Lagoon 3 Rutland Water. Taken by myself , for a change !


Brian Pollard. Your pictures just get better !

 Brambling in Welshpool









This is a picture Brian Pollard has taken

 in his garden during the setting up of his new photo

 area. I'm now waiting for the good one's !!!!!




















Another great shot from our friend David Carr

 We may all meet up with David in December

 Lets keep our fingers crossed !!

 This shot taken in Norfolk at Burnham Overy'

 No prizes for the species !!






I just love these cool warblers.

 Good picture again from David Carr










Just back from Spain and already giving us 

 this great shot of a Booted Eagle !

 But what species is it carrying ??

 Well done Mr Pollard !













Now you would think these Rock Sparrows 

 should be easy but there not . 

 Brian Pollard in Lumbier Spain 














The Devon Penduline Tit.

  David Carr again!










  Now you can see the difference .

 Another excellent action picture from   

  David Carr

 This is the Hudsonian Godwit from Somerset.








Back from his trip to SA and on the shutter!

 Welcome back Brian Pollard.

 Redwing in his garden today









 Back to ISLAY in late February 2017 with The Drunkbirder from Port Charlotte !  

If you want to see more of birding trip to the Pyrenees .Click the link below.



This excellent picture of a calling male

 Blackcap was taken by one of our

 new members, Lee Loveridge.

 We now look forward to many more !







The Hen Harrier has suffered badly this year . Just  read this !


Juvenile Peregrine on an industrial estate in a town centre

 in Wales. It was taken handheld from 400 mts

 There were also three other lively young !











                                                                              COMPETITION PICTURES RESULT !! 

                                                                         THIS CLUB SUPPORT'S  SWAROVSKI OPTIK ! 

                                                                                Bulgaria Trip Report

                                                                                 Club Newsletter's

                                                              TV  Article from the Notts Birders on the Scillies

                                                                          LOCAL & TRIP  SIGHTINGS 


  Lunchtime in the Pyrenees! Burbage Birders

 take a break after locating a White Backed Woodpecker. 

 Pic by Bern Gibney






Whimbrel & more Whimbrel !

 But where is the Curlew?

  Malc Almey & Alma Peasegood

 finding themselves too short on the 

 Rio Formosa Portugal 2014

 Pic by Ken R.



  Don't you dare come into my territory, or else ! 

  Two male Ouzel sorting it out on the Cairngorms. 

  (Brian Pollard )







 Common Whitethroat from Brian P

 taken on his recent trip to Kent








Little Bittern on Quinto de Largo Golf Course

 Portugal  2014

 Picture Ken R






 Great views of Spotless Starling, Serin and Pallid Swift

 from my balcony at the Hotel Alcazar in Monte Gordo







                                                           It's now 22 years since Burbage Bird Club was founded

                 I never thought in 1994 when I had the idea of starting a local club that it would still be going strong in 2016 

                                                Over the years the club has visited many fantastic birding locations including- 

                                           Majorca, Extremadura, Bulgaria, New England, Portugal, Florida, The Isles Of Scilly, 

                                  The Outer & Inner Hebrides, Islay, Orkney & Shetland plus many many birding sites in the UK.

               Unfortunately during this time some of our founder members have passed away but I assure you they will not be forgotten.

                                           Let's now hope the club and its new members will continue and grow for the next 22 years .


Taken from the 6th floor of the superb Pollensa Park Hotel in

Puerto Pollensa. From here Bee-eaters hawk the town and Ospreys

fish the bay

Janet Southwood yet again. I think Janet and her long suffering

husband David will be here again.






                                       Brian Pollard looking towards his next trip with Burbagebirders.





  For full details contact                                     01455274173 or 07900334371

                         BIRDWATCHING FOR BEGINNERS!