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A - Purple Swamp Hen     

B - Bearded Tit


























Great house but not sure about the plastic bag.

 Now you can tell Stork from butter !!







 This delightful Spanish Sparrow was taken

 by Brian Pollard nesting in a Storks nest on 

 Stork Alley near Mertola.







Purple Swamp Hen at Quinto De Largo golf course

 After the rain we had on Thursday  this must be on

  the 3rd hole.








 Across the bridge to Spain from Portugal

 Walking back to the Minibus after crippling

 views of Spectacled Warbler.







 Roller and Roller in Castro Verde Portugal










 Off the balcony at the Alcazar. Look at that

 woodland. Crested Tit, Short Toed Treecreeper, 

 Woodchat Shrike and Waxbill's lived here !







 This picture on North Uist by Brian Pollard .

Shows Geoff Busby looking like he knows what he's doing !!!  






Corncrake calling on Iona in May 2010

Probably calling me for making too much noise!

Picture by David Carr

















Dalmatian Pelican flying over Mandra Lake

 in Bourgas Bulgaria on our recent birding

 holiday. Picture by Brian Pollard





This picture of a Limpkin was taken by Derek Evans 

 in Southport Park Florida during our 2007 tour. The

 snack being devoured is of course an Apple Snail.  12

Burbagebirders  enjoyed this very successful trip .





Burrowing Owl taken on Marco Florida by myself

at dusk








Swamp Hen  Corkscrew Swamp 2010









Burrowing Owl   Marco Island 2010










Northern Cardinal 2010









Red Shouldered Hawk 2010









 Reddish Egret 2010















 Wilsons Plover in Florida 2008











Common Grackle ( Eastern ) Brinson Park FL 2008











Wood Stork  Brinson Park FL 2008












The illusive Grey Catbird Great Meadow FL 2008











Blue Jay at Seabrook N/H  Autumn 2008
















Common Yellowthroat taken @ Seabrook N/H 2008















Barnacle's from Islay. Not too good in the wind when your skirt blows up !!!! 

Pic By  Trev Starbuck.

 O2 be in London birding, and  that's what we did.

 Ten members on the Thames at East India Basin

 enjoying the birdlife in the big city.

 Not only that but the Fabulous "Jersey Boys" at 

 the Prince Edward Theatre. 

 Picture Brian Pollard