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E-Mail---ken reeves@hotmail.co.uk 07900334371

Local Sightings. (Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Area + Shawell and Stanford Res)

Plus new for 2019, Any members or interested birders who would like to contribute any sightings

from their trips around the UK. These should be good size numbers of  more common species 

And records of the UKs scarce species . 

Local sightings with the letter L will be sent to the County Recorder... 

                               AUGUST 2020


                                 JULY 2020

Common Starling 2nd (white)  Limes Estate Sapcote Ken R

Great White Egret 12th Stanford Res Ken R

Little Owl 13th Sapcote Ken R

Spotted Flycatcher 18th Peckleton Trev Starbuck

Bearded Vulture 21st Cutthroat Bridge. Ken R.

Red Kite (2) 21st  Kirkby Mallory Trev Starbuck .

Of interest ....Birch Sawfly Peckleton. Trev Starbuck. This species is very under recorded in Leicestershire.

Common Tern ( 23) 27th Cropston Reservoir seven leg rings recorded. Ken  R

Mandarin (11) 27th Swithland Res. Ken R.

Cuckoo 28th Holme Fen Ken R 

Marsh Harrier 28th Holme Fen  Ken R.

                                JUNE 2020

Hobby 4th  Leics/ Northants border . Ken R.

Common Sandpiper         "

Yellow Wagtail                "

Grey Wagtail                   "

Little Gull                       "


Sparrowhawk 14th           "

Red Kite (7)                      "

Common Tern (6)             "

Common Whitethroat       "

Lesser            "                   "

Garden Warb                     "

Willow  Warb                    "

Chiffchaff                          "

Reed Warb                         "

Sedge Warb                        "

Cetti's Warb                      "

Blackcap                            "

Cuckoo                               "

Osprey over @ 10:00 approx    "  Reported

Red Kite (8)                        " and on route from Sapcote.

Red Kite (5) 14th Kingfisher Farm Sapcote. Paul Taylor.


                                MAY 2020

Leucistic Starling 26th Croft garden .  Robert McVey & Stella Weston

Red Kite 28th  Bosworth / Newbold Rd  Andrew Spence.

Lesser Whitethroat 30st Market Bosworth with three young . Ken R.

Spacex passed  overhead tonight preceded by the Space Station. Ken R ,Maureen R.

Osprey m 31st Stanford Res over ,high heading N/E Ken R, Fred B,



                               APRIL 2020

                        No Records !  Covid 19 ! 

          See Covid 19 Records Page for full list


                                             MARCH 2020 

Little Ringed Plover (2) 5th Fen Lanes Karl Pateman & 6th Ken R  L

Avocet (3)  14th Shawell Lagoon Carl Baggott

 Brent Goose (9) 15th Stanford Hall Grounds  Ken R 

Club Trip to Rutland Water on Sunday 15th was 69 species.

Osprey (2) 15th Manton Bay Dave Jacob & Ken R

Sand Martin (3) 16th Fosse Meadows Ken R

Red Kite  16th Bull In The Oak  Heather Z

My birding has now got to be from the confines of the VW Sharan . (74 years old).

Peregrine 23rd  Hinckley area.   John "Brano" Branson

Little Owl  24th Sharnford to Sapcote Bridleway . Ken R



                            FEBRUARY 2020                                               

Barn Owl 4th Donkey Lane Sapcote Ken R + one other. L

Blackcap male & female. 12th Sketchley Rd Burbage. Derrian Worthy. L

With the visit to Islay and Jura Taking precedent... recording has been slow this month. 

See bird list and report on Trip Reports Page.

                             JANUARY 2020

Red Necked Grebe 2nd Rutland Water Ken R Fred B

Black Necked Grebe           "

Slavonian Grebe                  "

Smew                                    "

Goosander                           "

Desert Wheatear 4th Cart Gap Ken R et al

Eastern Yellow Wagtail  4th Sedgeford Ken R et al

Rough Legged Buzzard  4th Wells  Ken R , Chris Mills  et al

Twite 4th Thornham  Ken R et al

White Fronted Goose 4th Burnham Norton Ken R 

Grey Bellied Brent  4th Choseley Ken R .  Probably a Black Brant x Light Bellied Brent  liaison !

Barn Owl 4th Thornham Ken R

Marsh Harrier  (62) 4th Into the roost at Titchwell RSPB  Ken R plus loads !

Barn Owl 6th Leicester Lane Desford . Maureen Smith L

Starling murmuration  15th 16th  900 + birds Mill Close Sapcote cross roads area 16:00 to 16:20 approx

Tree Sparrow  20th Kelham Bridge Ken R

Peregrine 23rd  Sapcote /  Sharnford  area. Ken R

Yellowhammer 23rd  Donkey Lane  Ken R

Common Snipe  (2) 23rd Horse fields towards Sharnford  from Donkey Lane Ken R L

Conmmon Buzzard  (6) 23rd in field on private land  close to M69 Sapcote . Ken R , Peter James.

Blackcap Male 23rd  27 Mill Close Sapcote.



                                                                        DECEMBER 2019

Little Egret 1st Whetstone Park by brook.    David Wale tells me it is a regular around the area.

Great White Egret 3rd Stanford Res Ken R, Fred Burton.

Short Eared Owl  3rd Burbage Common Adey Baker.

Whooper Swan (7) 4th Sapcote over this morning 08:40 ,heading S/E. Ken R.

Dark Bellied Brent Goose 10th Stanford Hall Grounds. Ken R, Geoff Busby  .

Stonechat 10th  Stanford Reservoir Ken R, Geoff Busby & Chris Hubbard.

Med Gull 10th                                                                 "


Great Spotted Woodpecker (4) 26th  Burbage Common & Woods ( 7 walkers on a wet and muddy day )

Green Woodpecker                                 "

Nuthatch (16+)                                       "

Treecreeper (2)                                        "

Blue Tit  ( 30+ )                                      "

Great Tit  ( N/C )                                    "

Coal Tit  (5)                                            "

Long Tailed Tit (12)                              "

Bullfinch (2)                                          "

Goldcrest (1)                                          "

Mistle Thrush (6)                                   "

Song Thrush (3)                                     "

Field fare ( N/C)                                    "

Redwing  ( N/C)                                     "

Another  14  species were seen on the day . 


                                                                        NOVEMBER 2019 

Redwing (18) 12th Sapcote /Stanton recreation area. Ken R.

Red throated Diver 18th  Eye Ken R.

Pink footed Goose (1) 18th Stanford Hall grounds with Greylag/ Canada flock . Ken 

Green Sandpiper 24th North Arm . Ken R

Scaup Female                     "

Goosander (9)                     "

Redwing / Fieldfare  200+  24th   Bruntingthorpe   Ken R

Short Eared Owl (2) 25th  Ken R.

Barn Owl                         "


                                                    OCTOBER 2019 

For early October all the records are from the Outer Hebrides and can be seen on the Trip Reports page. !

Greylag Geese 528,    Canada Geese  383, Stanford Reservoir  20th .     Ken R

Barn Owl 20th Shenton Canal . Karl Pateman.

Red Kite  (2) 22nd  Long Watton to Kegworth Rd .  Clive Ball

Fieldfare (200+) 23rd Over Donkey Lane Sapcote. My first this Autumn.

                                                 SEPTEMBER 2019 

Red Backed Shrike 10th Filey Golf Course Ken & Maureen R, Alma & Terry P, Fred & Linda B, Heather Z, Derek E

Spoonbill  10th  Filey Dams                                                          "

Arctic Skua  10th                                                                            "

Great Skua 11th Flamborough                                                      "

Whinchat   11th                                                                              "

Long Tailed Skua 12th Fraisthorpe                                              "

Black Throated Diver  12th                                                            "

Curlew Sand  13th  North Cave                                                     "

Spotted Flycatcher  13th  

Spotted Crake 13th  Blacktoft Sands

Northern Wheatear  15th Draycote Water Ken R  plus 9 members of BBClub.


                                                    AUGUST 2019

Stonechat 27th Croft Hill Ken R

Whinchat 27th Croft Hill. Ken R

Redstart (2) 25th Croft Nature Trail. Carl Baggott Adey Baker.

Spotted Flycatcher 25th (5) Croft Hill . Ken R.

Pied Flycatcher 24th Female Croft Hill . Carl Baggott . 25th Ken R.

Spotted Flycatcher 25th Croft Hill plus 5 x Common Swift . Karl Pateman.

Hobby 20th Over Wickie Car Park this mornong . Karl Pateman. L

Green Sandpiper  17th Jelson building site . Ken R .  L

House Martin 10th  This local colony now has 14 active nests this year. L


                                                       JULY 2019

Common Swift  (5) 9th Sapcote Ken R

Common Sandpiper (2) 11th Stoney Stanton on pond in Jelson site  Dave B & Ken R

Red Kites (7)  Plenty of records now from various locations around our area including Stanton , Sapcote, 

Fosse Meadows and Elmesthorpe . Recorded by 5 people .

Semi Palmated Sandpiper  Ken R

Common Swift (19) Stoney Stanton from three nests. Ken R

                                                       JUNE 2019

Islay trip 2nd / 8th 6 People --- Golden & White tailed Eagles (9), Peregrine, Great Northern ,Black & Red

Throated Divers, Black and common Guillemots, Puffin, Razorbill, Common & Velvet Scoter, Dipper, Chough

One of each-- Barnacle, Greenland White Fronted, Dark Bellied Brent plus Canada, Greylag. 4 x Light Bellied Brent 

Geese. Corncrake (7). MINKE WHALE.

Red Kite 9th Earl Shilton. Jo Smith.

Raven 11th (2) Sapcote over  Ken R

Osprey 13th Stanford Reservoir over heading S/W  Ken R .

Kingfisher 17th Fosse Meadows  Ken R. et al.

Reed Warbler 17th                   "

Sand Martin (2)                        "

Yellowhammer 17th   Old Fosse Rd         "




                                                        MAY 2019

Lesser Whitethroat 5th Shenton Karl Pateman     L

Sorry for the record reporting this month. I have HBBC commitments  , Presentations and Group holidays.

Little Egret 10th Fen Lanes. David Abbott.     L

Greenshank                    "                              L

Dunlin                              "                            L

 LRP                                 "                             L

Black Tern 11th  Stanford Reservoir  Ken R    L

Wood Sandpiper  16th Shawell Quarry Ken R    L

Common Swifts 17th Hinckley .Wykin Island . Wendy Mackley

Common Swifts (5) 18th Sapcote village. Ken R

                                                      APRIL 2019

LRP (4) 6th Market Bosworth area. Karl Pateman    L

Barn Owl 6th                       "

Sand Martin (2) 9th Fosse Meadows. Ken R

House Martin  19th First one back at a location near Merrylees .Last year I recorded 14 nests there. Ken R

Little Gull (6+)  22nd Swithland Reservoir Ken R

20th 21st 22nd  I have spent the last three days on a LBB & HG Urban breeding site survey. It was excellent !

                                                    MARCH 2019

Glaucous Gull  3rd  Shawell Ken R

Iceland Gull 10th Shawell Ken R.

Pink Footed Goose 10th  Stanford Hall  L

Great White Egret 10th Stanford Res Welford Road in field. R

LRP (1) 25Th Mill Lane Shenton Karl Pateman R 

Karl's report also had...

Raven, 40+ Lapwing, 4 Euro Teal, 6 Skylark and 8 Brown Hare

Of interest .. 2 x Firecrest where reported from the Bradgate area iast week.

I made two visits to the approx location given with no luck ! 


                                                FEBRUARY 2019

Short Eared Owl 3rd  Ibstock / Heather area  Bern Gibney & Zena Gray L

Wigeon 3rd (150+)                                  " L

Red Kite 3rd Over Willoughby Waterleys Rd  . Terry & Alma Peasgood

Scaup drake 7th  Thornton Reservoir . Andy Smith , Geoff Busby & Ken R. L

Barn Owl 11th  Bumble Bee Lane  near Highcross. Nev Weston , on his way home at 21:30hrs.

Cetti's Warbler  24th  Watermead Country Park  Lynda Smith

                                                JANUARY 2019

Waxwings (2) 2nd Loughborough Ken R 

Iceland Gull  7th  Shawell  Ken R     L

Golden Plover 7th 200+  M69 Island Sapcote . Ken & Maureen R    L

Firecrest 9th Attenborough . Ken R et al

Waxwing 10th Thornton LROS & Robert Lee.   L

Smew (6) 11th Eyebrook Reservoir. Ken R , Ron Bailey, et al

Blackcap 13th South Wigston in Linda & Phil Smiths Garden.

Glaucous Gull 13th Shawell  L

Great White Egret 18th Stanford Reservoir Ken R  ( Permit required from Seven Trent contact......

ian.martindale@seventrent.co.uk )   L

Woodcock 19th Shenton , Mill Lane . First for many years. Karl Pateman .   L

Wood Duck 20th Still Thornton Reservoir. Ken R et al.   L

Report of a Waxwing on the 19th . Over Main Street Thornton towards Garden Centre.   L

Fieldfare 70+ 20th Bosworth Rd  Newbold Verdon. Ken R.    L

Hen Harrier ( ringtail ) 21st  Viewed from the Stanford On Avon... Cold Ashby Rd  Ken R  L

Glaucous Gull  20th  Shawell  Not the same as 13th  Ken R et al .  L

Great Grey Shrike 22nd  Northamptonshire in the snow. Ken R et al.

Waxwing 26th Around Countesthorpe College. Unconfirmed Report ( have been there most of the week  ) L































Whooper Swan (3) 6th Fosse Meadows over heading S/E   Ken R 

                                                NOVEMBER 2018

Fieldfare (9) 4th Donkey Lane Sapcote. Ken R

Redwing (20+) 4th  around the horse fields along Sapcote/ Sharnford footpath Ken R

Golden Plover ( 31) 9th Near junction 2 M69. Louise Davies, Ken R

Chiffchaff (2) 10th Sapcote waste ground  Ken R

Common Sandpiper 15th Jelson Building site at balancing pond Stoney Stanton  Ken R 


                                                 OCTOBER 2018

Hobby 4th Stoke Golding David Abbott.

Chiffchaff  (5) 7th Fields Farm footpath Sapcote. Ken R

Great White Egret 7th over  Fields Farm Sapcote  10:35 heading towards Burbage Common. Ken  R. 

Peregrine 20th Brascote Pits Ken R

Bullfinch (5)                  "                   

                                                SEPTEMBER 2018

Barn Owl  A few occasions on Fen Lanes recently. Karl Pateman

Greenshank 24th Over Fosse Meadows ,calling, towards Frolesworth   Ken R

Water Rail 26th Between DPD Depot and Sketchley Brook Hinckley  Elaine Taylor

Ring Ouzel 27th male Warren Hills flew off field near Abbey then over towards Bardon Hill  Ken & Maureen R, Derek James.


                                                  AUGUST 2018

Organising Scilly Pelagics  from the 10th until the 14th have taken up my time for the first few weeks of August  Ken R

Spotted Flycatcher 6th Sapcote Ken R

Peregrine 17th Shenton Over Mill Lane pond. Karl Pateman

Yellow Wagtail 17th                              "

Spotted Flycatcher 6+ 20th Shenton village by the side of the church David Abbott.

                                                    JULY 2018

Hobby 5th Between Wykin and Stoke Golding. Ken R    

Common Swift 12th Seventeen over Sapcote now . Three nests only seen this year and records in Stoney Stanton

are almost the same with only four nests seen. Disappointed with the records sent in so far this year

 by club members and local birders. Records are a big contribution towards understanding the plight of this 

very fragile species.  

Red Kite 12th  Over Countesthorpe. Terry & Alma Peasgood

Common Swifts 14th at least 16 over Wykin Wendy Mackley

Purple Heron 22nd Rutland Water .

 It's out of our area but ,at this time, it looks as though Nev Weston & Graham Deeping were the finders.

Tawny Owl  22nd calling around Argents Mead and the Church area Hinckley.  Lee Loveridge



                                                    JUNE 2018

Red Kite 3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 14th and 16th. These birds have now been recorded on the dates shown at

 Sapcote, Sharnford,  Stoney Stanton, Wolvey, Burbage , Stoke Golding and Newbold Verdon.

 This certainly indicates that the Red Kite is now  going to be a permanent feature in our area.

Raven ( 3) 9th Over Mill Close Sapcote Ken & Maureen R.

Skylark ( 12) 11th Old Fosse . David Hunt.

Spotted Flycatcher  11th Sapcote

Osprey 27th  Saddington / Mowsley Rd . Ken R


                                                     MAY 2018

Garden Warbler  8th  Sapcote in my garden  Ken R 

Red Kite   10th Sharnford  Bumble Bee Lane  Dave Hill.

Red Kite  11th                        "    again.

Common Swift  (4) 13th Sapcote . We are now looking for any Common Swift nesting sites in Leicestershire.

Believe me it's not as easy as it sounds. Contact me and I'll pass the info on to the County Recorder.

Common Sandpiper  17th Sopers Bridge  Stoney Stanton Ken R et al.

Curlew 20th  Mill Lane Ponds Shenton Karl Pateman.

Yellow Wagtail  22nd Fields Farm  Aston Firs. Ken R

House Martin 22nd Only two nests now in Underwood Crescent Sapcote . Last year seven but in 2016, thirteen.


                                                    APRIL 2018

Curlew  (2) 1st Mill Lane Ponds Shenton Karl Pateman

Northern Wheatear 1st    Frolesworth Lake in horse field . Ken R

Ring Ouzel (2)  Brascote Pits 8th . Report

Barn Swallow  (15)       "      Ken R , Ian 

Sand Martin (2)             "

Chiffchaff  (2)                "

Kittiwake (2)   Thornton Res  8th  LROS .

Ringed Plover 22nd Mill Lane ponds Shenton.  Karl Pateman.

Red Kite 29th  Over Greenmoor Rd  Hinckley. Andy Ambrose.

Northern Wheatear ( 3 ) 29th Brascote. Carl B, Ken R & Adey B.


                                                    MARCH 2018

Redwing (1) In Chris & Val's back garden. Their first ever garden record in over 30 years. Chris R.

Sand Martin ( 1) 11th Reported at Fosse Meadows this morning. ?

Iceland Gull 18th Shawell Ken R.

Osprey (1)  21st Over Bruntingthorpe this morning heading N/W  Ken R.

Chiffchaff   21st  Donkey Lane Sapcote ,calling.  Ken R


                                                    FEBRUARY 2018

Western Cattle Egret  1st Still Thornton around outflow early morning. Ken R, LROS

Hawfinch 5th & 6th Burbage Common Extension in hay bale field . Mad Freeman 5th Ken R 6th

Red Kite 7th Over fields on Clickers Way Earl Shilton afternoon. Ken R .

Little Owl 7th On road side towards Fosse Meadows. Ken R

Golden Plover 25 / 30  18th Shenton Lane. Karl Pateman

Black Throated Diver 19th  Albert Village Lake .Ken R et al.

Hawfinch 19th St Denys Churchyard Ibstock. LROS.

                                                     JANUARY 2018

Hawfinch (1)  2nd   St Denys Churchyard  Ibstock  pm  Ken R

Hawfinch  6th  Burbage Common still  Ken R.

Pink Footed Geese  6th ( 21) Market  Bosworth over  Ken R

Smew  ( 2 ) 7th  Thornton Res  Ken R

Whooper (3) 7th  Swithland Res LROS .

Hawfinch  ( 3 ) 7th Battram Ken R

Brambling  ( 2 ) 8th Sapcote graveyard Donkey Lane  Ken R

Hawfinch 11th Stoney Stanton in David Hicklins back garden 12:15. David Hicklin.

Glaucous Gull 13th & 21st  Shawell jn the sheep field  LROS 

Caspian Gull 29th Shawell Pits Carl Baggot LROS and Facebook Videos.

Cattle Egret  30th / 31st Thornton Ken R, LROS


Locally.. an excellent record was the Spotted Sandpiper in Nottingham. Thanks to Neil Glenn for the ID effort .












                                                     DECEMBER 2017

Brambling (2) 8th Stoney Stanton by exercise area on playing field. . Ken R

Redwing (35+)                              "

Bullfinch  (6)                                "

Glaucous Gull (juv) 9th  Shawell Pits  Carl Baggot, LROS.

Hawfinch 9th  Groby Pool still see LROS. 

Little Egret (2) 11th Coventry Rd  (over) . Dave Bradley

Fieldfare ( 200+ )  12th  Moving through Sapcote and Stoney Stanton today. Ken R

Iceland Gull ( juv ) 12th Shawell  LROS  Ken R. 

Hawfinch (3) 18th Still north of Groby Pool LROS

Iceland Gull ( juv ) 18th still, Shawell  LROS  Ken R. 

Hawfinch  18th & 19th  Burbage Common Extension in field with Hay bales . Ken R . RBA.

Black Tailed Godwit (2) 19th Over.. Mill On The Soar .. Heading to Croft.  Ken R

Bewicks Swan (adult) 20th  North Arm ,Rutland Water . OUT OF AREA but a rare bird for the county .LROS


                                                               NOVEMBER 2017

Brambling 5th Stanford Reservoir Ken R, Fred Burton

Linnet (170+)                               "

Fieldfare (200+) 7th Sapcote in field towards Sharnford this morning  Ken R

Golden Plover (17)  7th Sapcote over                           "

Hawfinch (2)   14th Groby Pool  LROS.

Hawfinch (2)   18th  Burbage Common Extension  Ken R, Fred & Linda Burton .

Peregrine  18th Market Bosworth Station Garage Ken R

Hawfinch 24th Still Burbage Common Extension  Ken R et-al

Great Northern Diver  25th  Stanford Reservoir by dam Ken R.


                                                      OCTOBER 2017 

Bullfinch (11)  4th Male & Female  Bridleway from Sapcote to Sharnford  Ken R

Willow Warbler 5th Donkey Lane  Sapcote allotments this afternoon calling in the sunshine

Ravens 5th  Over Stoke Golding Centre David Abbott . David Say's   " almost every day ".

Fieldfare (4)  11th Fosse Meadows over calling. Ken R 

Golden Plover (30) 15th Dadlington Lane . Karl Pateman

Whooper Swan (4) 27th  Groby Ken R & LROS

Osprey 31st  Market Bosworth Ken R Et al

                                                    SEPTEMBER 2017 

Whinchat 6th Burbage Common Rd in horse fields ,by riding school, this morning. Ken R

Black Tern 9th Cropston  Reservoir. Ken R ,LROS.

Arctic Tern 16th Stanford Reservoir  Ken R, LROS et al.

Barn Owl  20th  Sapcote over fields to Sharnford.    Ken R

Tawny Owl (4) 28th Burbage Woods.    Dave Green


                                                       AUGUST 2017   

Bee-eaters  (6) 7th  Poultney Woods Leicestershire on private land. LROS Report

Black-Tailed Godwit ( 16 ) 7th Stanford Reservoir  Ken R

Green Sandpiper ( 6 ) 7th                        "

Greenshank                                              "

Bee- eaters (7)  11th  Ulverscroft by the Priory LROS members.

Pectoral Sandpiper 14th Cropston Reservoir at the inflow . Rhys Dandy. Ken R. et al

            "                   15th                                   "     Viewed from Deer Barn Tea Rooms   LROS.

Pied Flycatcher  19th  Croft Hill . LROS & Ken R

No sightings until , at least, Tuesday 29th .  Outer Hebrides !  Back today Plenty of Owls, Harriers and Eagles

Red Kite  30th Broughton Astley  Ken R


                                                         JULY 2017   

 Hobby ( 2)  1st  Stoke Golding David Abbott.

Green Sandpiper (2) 2nd Stanford Reservoir Fred & Linda Burton.

Little Ringed Plover (6)                       "

Little Egret 3rd  Stoney Stanton ,over. Ken R

Peregrine (4) 5th Over. Ken R, Maureen R.

Black Tailed Godwit (20) 10th Stanford Res  Ken R, et al.

Greenshank                                  "

Greylag Goose   7  23rd    Brascote Pits  Webs Count . David Abbott + Carl Baggott

Canada Goose   30                                                   "

Shelduck   7                                                             "

Wigeon  1                                                                 "

Mallard  10                                                               "

Tufted Duck  15                                                       "

Little Grebe  1                                                          " 

Great Crested Grebe  2                                            "

Cormorant   2                                                           "

Grey Heron  1                                                           "

Oystercatcher  5                                                       "

Common Sandpiper  1                                             " 

Common Tern  4                                                      " 



                                                        JUNE 2017 

Corncrake calling 3rd / 4th Alvecote . Ken R et al ( out of area but worth a mention)

Red Kite 10th  Peckleton  Trev Starbuck. See Trev's Report on " Trip Reports " page.

Red Kite  14th Earl Shilton Heather Z

Osprey 14th Stanford Reservoir ( morning only)  Fred and Linda Burton. 

Osprey  22nd  Stanford Res again ...early evening  RBA  The information I have is that there are currently

two male Osprey's coming to the reservoir. They are both said to originate from the Rutland Water 

population !   If anyone can elaborate on this, it would be very welcome. 

Reply from Rhys Dandy on Trip Reports Page

Avocet  25th Stanford Reservoir... This morning R

Red Kite 27th  Over Stoney Stanton School 12:15. David Hicklin.


                                                        MAY 2017 

Whooper Swan 5th Stanford Reservoir. RBA

Jack Snipe 6th Stanford Reservoir from hide . Ken R  

Red Kite 6th  Over Greenacres Nursery Cadeby . J Starbuck  

Red Kite 8th  (2) Over Sharnford Ken R 

Greenshank 8th (2) Stanford Res Ken R

Peregrine 9th Over Fosse Meadows Ken R

Whooper Swan 9th Shawell . So that's where the Stanford bird went !  Carl Baggot LROS

Wood Sandpiper           "


                                                        APRIL 2017

Barn Swallow (2) 4th  Sapcote playing fields over tonight .  Ken R

Green Sandpiper 4th Sapcote still  Ken R

Green Woodpecker male 4th  Stoney Stanton  Ken R

Willow Warbler 4th  Around Greencroft Stoney Stanton  Ken R

Ring Ouzel 5th Warren Hills Ken R et al .

Northern Wheatear          "

Barn Swallow (23) 11th  Bosworth Water Park  Trev Davey R

Whitethroat (6) 11th  Fosse Meadows cp.  Ken R

Yellow Wagtail (2) 11th  Frolesworth Lake   Ken R

White Wagtail (4) 12th Stanford Res.

Yellow Wagtail                  "

Common Redstart 14th Old Fosse beyond the Meadows. Reported by Pete White.

Common Swift 15th Sence Vallet CP  Rys Dandy

Northern Wheatear  (3) 16th  Warren Hills  Ken R ,Fred B

TreePipit  (2)                                       "

Ring Ouzel  Male Flew towards Bardon  09:55        "

Blackcap (2) 17th Visiting garden every day now !  Trev Starbuck

Black Winged Stilt (3)  20th Stanford Reservoir  Ken R Fred B et al.

Bar Tailed Godwit                                         "

Black Tailed Godwit                                     "

Yellow Wagtails  ( 9) All falvissima             "


                                                                   MARCH 2017

Raven (2) 4th Stoney Stanton Ken R

Sand Martin (2) 7th Fosse Meadows  Andy Taylor

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (female ) 12th Burbage Common  Ken R

Waxwings (14) 12th Plus two deceased ! Morrisons Car Park Hinckley Mrs Bursnell

Bonaparte's Gull 12th Swithland Res . Not in our recording area but must be mentioned, as it's the county's first record.

Thanks for that  Steve Lister !

Northern Wheatear 19th. Croft Hill for an hour ,then flew N/W  Jason Green (R)

Golden Plover  (24)  19th .Field by M69 Roundabout at Sapcote Ken R

Chiffchaff   19th Rectory Garden Sapcote . Ken R

Whooper Swan (4) 24th Groby Pool  LROS.

Chiffchaff's 24th now passing through. David Abbott recorded birds calling in his garden. 

Red Kite  26th  Stanford Reservoir tonight   Ken R

Long Tailed Duck              "       Still there !

Kingfisher (3)                      "

Linnet ( 234 )  on ploughed field         "



                                                    FEBRUARY 2017

Long Tailed Tits ( 23) 2nd Road to Fosse Meadows Ken R

Grey Wagtail  2nd  Stoney Stanton at the Cove car park Ken R

Green Sandpiper 5th  Sapcote to Stoney Stanton Rd . On Jelson building site again Ken R

Waxwing (100+)  13th Glenfield Stamford St  LROS

Long Tailed Duck  19th Stanford Res 15 Members of BBClub.

Goosander (40+)                                       "

Little Egret  (18 )                                      "

Kingfisher   (3 )                                         "

Grey Wagtail                                             "   Ken R , Graham D.

Pink Footed Goose (1)  19th Stanford Hall Grounds with Canada/Greylag flock. Ken R + 2 others.

Golden Plover  (50) 20th Off Fen Lane . Mill Lane Shenton, Karl Pateman


                                                     JANUARY 2017

Waxwing (3)  Hinckley  By-pass around Triumph Island.     Karl Pateman

Whooper Swans  (5)   Sence Valley Country Park .    David Abbott

Bullfinch ( 9)  11th  By Mill On The Soar filling station, morning  Ken R

Waxwings (24)  11th  Coventry Rd Hinckley at National Grid offices site.   Dave Bradley

Pink Footed Geese (3)  12th    Brascote lake then south this morning    Ken R

Siskin (20+)  15th Sence Valley CP Ken R, plus 11 members of  BB Club.

Common Snipe (2) 15th Brascote Ken R

Golden Plover/ Lapwing flock. (1500 +)  15th.  In field by M69 Roundabout.  Stella Weston, Still there ,16th. Still there ,24th (400+) Even less today, 25th

Waxwings (20) 15th   Cedar Rd / Elmdale Rd  afternoon.  Ken R not today  16th. 

Barn Owl  16th   Frolesworth rd, opposite Ullesthorpe Scout campsite ,usually morning and evening .  Do not enter fields !   Andy Hickinbotham

Iceland Gull  21st   Shawell Lagoon  Carl Baggot

Glaucous Gull  Juv                  "

Waxwings (26) 24th Countesthorpe Rd Wigston  Alma & Terry Peasgood.

Firecrest  24th Groby Pool. See LROS site for directions.

Goosander (female)  26th  Stanton Lakes Ken R

Waxwings (30)+  28th Coventry Rd Hinckley H J Socks Car Park Ken R

Long Tailed Duck  29th Stanford Res  Ken R Et al.

Red Crested Pochard (male)              "
































































Whinchat 4th Queen Liz Woodland Heather Ken R & Fred B

Common Swift ( 1)  5th Elmesthorpe over  Ken R

                                                         AUGUST 2016

LRP  9th Brascote Pits Ken R 

Hobby            "

Gadwall (2) 12th Bruce Pool  Ken R

WHITE WINGED SCOTER  18th Black D, Ken R, Malc Almey et al

Velvet Scoter (3)                                   "

White Rumped Sandpiper  18th Nigg   Ken R Malc A

Osprey (4)  18th  Newburgh  Ken R , Malc A

Black Tern  21st Rutland Water  Ken R

White Winged Black Tern 22nd  King Lears Ken R et al

Northern Gannet  22nd Thornton Res  Ken R

Common Redstart 23rd  Fosse Meadows on top ride  Ken R



                                                           JULY 2016

Hobby over Stanford Res 5th Ken R

House Martins (now 16 ) 5th Underwood Crescent . Seven nests  Ken R

Yellowhammer 5th Burbage Common Rd Ken R

Barn Owl  8th   Ken R

Green Sandpiper 11th Bruce Pool Ken R et al

LRPlover                                    "

Red Kite Two have been reported in five locations in our area over the last ten days.

House Martins 14th There are now 22 birds over Underwood Crescent Sapcote today Ken R



                                                           JUNE 2016

Because of the commitments with the club trips and overseas holidays.

It's not been possible to update the daily sightings this month.


                                                            MAY 2016

Because of the commitments with the club trips and overseas holidays.

It's not been possible to update the daily sightings this month.

                                                        APRIL 2016

Barn Swallow 2nd Market Bosworth   Ken R

Sand Martin (2)                      "

Willow Warbler                      "

Chiffchaff                               "

Ring Ouzel  (2)  12th  Outwoods Hinckley  Ken R, et al.

Northern Wheatear's (2) 13th Attleborough Fields Julie Brown

Northern Wheatear  17th Queen Liz Jubilee Wood  Ken R + 8 BB Members.

Lesser Whitethroat                                               "

Redpoll                                                                  "

Red Kite  20th Kirkby Mallory  Trev Starbuck

Common Redstart  25th Brascote second pit on fence Ken R

Wood Sand 24th Frampton  Linda & Fred Burton

Turtle Dove                           "

Whimbrel (11)                       "


                                                       MARCH 2016

Scaup Female 6th Swithland Ken R

Scaup Male 6th Cropston           "

Brambling  (many) Stanford Res  "

Red Kite                      "

Kingfisher                   "

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  14th Aston Firs Wood   Ken R

Black Redstart  13th Heacham     

Iceland Gull  16th Shawell  Carl Baggot & Ken R  

Long Billed Dowitcher  20th  Burbagebirders & Malc Almey 

Black Necked Grebe                          "

Red Necked Grebe                             "

Slav Grebe                                         " 

Sand Martin (2)  21st  Fosse Meadows Ken R

Osprey  30th Stoney Stanton Ken R


                                                    FEBRUARY 2016

Redpoll (16) In my garden 5th  Ken R

Long Billed Dowitcher  Wanlip Lakes 7th  Ken R et al.

Hen Harrier  Normanton Le Heath             "

Fieldfare & Redwing  ( 450 + ) Stoney Stanton Rd 7th Ken R

Hawfinch  Reported at  Smithy Lane bottom Car Park Burbage Wood 15th  David Mason.

 Contact kingfisher180249@hotmail.com  for details.

Lapland Bunting  Norfolk  Ken R 

Hen Harrier  Parkgate (Wirral ) 17th  Ken R, Nev Weston ,Heather Z, Julie Brown and Ellen Sandeman.

Great White Egret  (2)                                             "

Marsh Harrier                                                          "

Long Billed Dowitcher  Rutland Water 28th Ken R Et Al

Red Necked Grebe                                 "

Black Necked Grebe                              "

Slav Grebe                                              "

Great Northern Diver                            "

Smew  male & female                            "

                                                    JANUARY 2016

Rough Legged Buzzard  Choseley 1st Ken R, Malc A & Jim S

Water Pipit  (6) Titchwell 1st                     "

Chiffchaff  (2) Titchwell 1st                       "

Stonechat                 "                                 "

SEOwl and Barn Owl  Sandringham   1st       "

Hen Harrier    Royden 1st                           

Brambling Flitcham    1st                     "  Plus many, many more. On the first day of 2016

Pallid H    Flitcham  2nd  Ken R

GND   Hunstanton  2nd       "

Merlin     Titchwell 2nd   Ken R , Steve Lister.

Whooper  Swan  (19)  Goose Tree Corner  3rd  Ken R

Pallid Harrier  Flitcham 20th Ken R, Fred B, Julie B, Nev W, Linda B, Mad Madeline, Malc Almey.

Tree Sparrow                                                         "

Serin Downham Market  20th                              "

Snow Bunting   Cley   20th                                  "

Glaucous  Gull   Leicester Sunningdale Rd  22nd   Ken R



                                                   DECEMBER 2015

Smew  (Drake) Draycote 16th  Ken R

Caspian Gull  Shawell 23rd Ken R

Short Eared Owl  (3) Cossington 23rd  D Mason

GN  Diver Draycote 26th Fred & Linda B, Chris G, Vicky G, Mick & Sue B, Heather Z, Myself & Maureen R.

Smew                                                                          "

Pintail  (pair)                                                             "

                                                   NOVEMBER 2015

Crag Martin Chesterfield  10th  Ken R , ET AL !!

                                                   OCTOBER 2015

Red Flanked Bluetail  Holkham 15th  Ken R, Malc A, Chris G & Nev W

Ybw   (A Few)                                          "

Blyth's Reed Warbler                            "

Isabelline Shrike                                    "

Hume's Yellow Browed Warbler            "

Merlin    Wells  Woods                           "

Olive Backed Pipit  17th Malc A

Kingfisher Groby Pool 18th 13 BBC members

Grey Wagtail  Cropston            "

Redwing  (22) Donkey Lane 20th  Ken R

Blackcap (pair)                 "

Sparrowhawk (female) 20th Spring Gardens Sapcote (perched on Andy Wilde's beehive)

Barn Owl Clickers Way  23rd Roy Bannister

                                                   SEPTEMBER 2015

Great White Egret  Hollowell  2nd    Ken R, Fred B

Green Sandpiper (2) Ravensthorpe                "

Northern Wheatear  Croft Hill  5th Karl Pateman

Black Tern  Attenborough NR 20th  Ken R plus 12 club members

Peregrine                                                   "

Bittern                                                        "   Vicky Gilbert.


                                                      AUGUST 2015

Hobby  Frolesworth Lake 4th then flew towards High Cross Ken R

Ruff  (4), Dunlin (2), Greenshank , Green Sandpiper. Bruce Pool , 21st,  Ken R , Fred Burton.

Spotted Flycatcher (6), Pied Flycatcher (1) Female,  Croft Hill 20th & 21st.  Karl Pateman, Ken R & Fred B.


                                                        JULY 2015

Greater Yellowlegs  Titchfield Haven 3rd Ken R, Fred B, Graham D, Nev W, Dave M and Malc A

Hudsonian Whimbrel  Pagham 3rd                                                   "

Great White Egret  Cossington Meadows 5th  LROS

Barn Owl  Stoney Stanton 10th Ken R

Spotted Crake  Titchwell 11th Ken R , Malc A

Honey Buzzard  (2)  Swanton Novers 15th   Ken R

Little Owl Flitcham  15th                         "

Spoonbill (13) Titchwell 16th Ken R & Harry Ireland

Spotted Crake Titchwell 17th  Ken R

Black Tern  Rutland Water 17th   "

Hobby (2) Stanford Res 21st  Ken R plus Harry & Ava Ireland

Garden Warbler (3)                              "

Corn Bunting Austrey 25th Ken  R, Geoff Busby & Adam Archer.

Quail (3) Austrey 25th  Ken R , Steve Lister

Marsh Harrier                        "

Montague's Harrier Norfolk 29th Ken R, Dave M, Nev W, Julie B, Vicky G, Jeff D & Malc A

Spotted Redshank Titchwell                            "

Garganey Female                                              "

Arctic Skua (3) Thornham                                "

Whimbrel                  "                                        "

Yellow Wagtail                                                   "



                                                        JUNE 2015

Grey Plalarope Female Brandon NR 2nd  Ken R, Nev Weston, G Busby , Dave Abbot.

                                                        MAY 2015

Whinchat  Smithy Lane 2nd , in Meadow field   Ken R & Dave 

Oystercatcher Brascote 11th  Ken R

Wood Sandpiper            "    10 min's then flew N/W   Ken R  

Yellow Wagtail  (2) Frolesworth Horse Paddock   13th   Ken R

Spotted Flycatcher  Shenton by Aquaduct 15th Karl Pateman

Scotland  -  20th-23rd   Harlequin, White Billed Diver, Osprey, Slav Grebe, Golden Eagle , White Tailed Eagle, Parrot Crossbill, Crested Tit,

Ptarmigan, Snow Bunt's , Black Grouse ( 9 at the Lek )plus,plus,plus.106 species.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  Far Coton Lane 30th  Ken R et al.


                                                      APRIL 2015

The report you all received this morning about the five Ospreys from Northampton birder Roof Lapil was not confirmed , in fact to confirm it try

re-arranging the letters in his name and let me know.

Osprey  Eyebrook 1st Nev W, Graham D, Dave M.

Barn Swallow                         "

Sand Martin (1) Frolesworth Lake 2nd  Ken R

Chiffchaff     (5)   Fosse Meadows 2nd        "

Goldcrest   Stoney Stanton 2nd   Eileen Abel

Ring Ouzel (male) Ringstead 5th  Malc A

Sedge Warbler  Titchwell                 "

Garganey (pair) Seeswood Pool 6th Julie Brown.     Ken R. Fred B. 7th

Barn Swallow (2)  Brandon Marsh        "

Linnet (22) Common Rd 7th  Ken R

Sedge Warbler  Brascote 9th Ken R

Barn Swallow (2) Frolesworth Lake 9th Ken R

Yellowhammer Donkey Lane Sapcote 9th   "

Redpoll (4) Sapcote 9th  Ken R

Osprey (2) Oaks In Charnwood High, heading north 09:10hrs  14th Ken R

Garganey Brascote Pits 15th  Dave M

Ring Ouzel (2)           "

Northern Wheatear (4)      

Ring Ouzel (13) Roydon Common 15th  Ken R. Fred B

Dotterel (4)  Choseley  15th  Ken R Fred B

Spoonbill  Titchwell 15th                "

Sandwich Tern                    "

Yellow Wagtail  60 + ( flava flavissima)  Hunstanton Golf  Club  15th Ken R, Fred B

White Wagtail  11                                     "

Common Crane (4)  Nene Washes 16th  Ken R Fred B

Marsh Harrier  (5)                                  "

Red Kite                                                  "

Common Tern   Eyebrook Res  16th   Ken R Fred B

Cuckoo Burra Hill  16th  Dave M

Common Scoter  Cropston Res 16th   Dave M

Common Sandpiper                "

Mandarin    Blackbrook         "

Yellow Wagtail (3)  Burbage Common Rd in horsefields 21st  Ken R

Redstart  Sapcote / Sharnford footpath by Fields Farm 21st         "

Common Whitethroat  Fosse Meadows 21st                                    "

Returned from Portugal. 29th Collected 140 species  with 12 Burbagebirders.


                                                      MARCH 2015

Barn Owl Peckleton 3rd  ( Almost all white plumage ) Ken R

Sand Martin  (2) 7th Bosworth Water Park  Ken R

Iceland Gull (2)  Weybourne Coast Guards 8th  Ken R & Eddie M.  Plus later Malc M on his own !!

Water Pipit  Titchwell 8th Ken R

Garganey  Titchwell 8th  Ken R

Bittern                   "

House Martin (3)  Hunstanton 9th  Ken R, Pete K.

Sand Martin  Fosse Meadows 10th  Ken R

Fieldfare  (450+)  Spring Fields Sapcote  24th  Ken R

House Martin (1)  Brascote 24th   one hour in afternoon  Ken R

House Martin  (1)  Horse Fields  Sharnford 25th   "

Sand Martin (2)                           "

Chiffchaff                                    "

Red Crested Pochard   Stanford Res 25th  Fred B& Ken R

Blackcap ( pair)   My garden 26th  Ken R

Green Winged Teal  Ouse Washes  29th Malc A, Ken R

Barn Owl  Burnham Norton 28th    Ken R

                                                                                FEBRUARY 2015

Barn Owl   Leicester Rd Hinckley 2nd  Ken R

Redwings  200+ Sharnford to Sapcote by Horsefields  4th  Ken R

Redshank  Bosworth Water Park 7th Ken R

Oystercatcher (2) Stapleton (over )  10th Ken R


                                                                                JANUARY 2015

Man flu has kept me from entering any records until now !! Say Ah!! 12th

Fieldfare & Redwing  ( 300+) Hinckley Rd Stoney Stanton 12th Ken R

Smew  Draycote Reservoir 18th Burbage Bird Club with 8 members.

Pink Footed Goose                        "

Euro White Fronted Geese (2)     "

Little Owl  Burbage  20th Ken R

Mistle Thrush (7)  20th Sapcote in field by Sapcote Garden Centre

Barn Owl                                      "

Tawny Owl  In Flight over Mill Close       "

Little Owl (2)  Burbage 24th Fred& Linda B

Great White Egret (3)  Summer Leys 25th

Glaucous Gull Shawell Landfill 25th

Purple Sandpiper (2)  Sheringham 31st  Malc Almey



                                                    DECEMBER 2014

Lesser Snow Goose Flitcham 7th Ken R + 13 Burbagebirders on the "Goose Chase"

Waxwings(3) Thornham                  "

Twite  (65+)                                      "

Bittern (in flight )  Titchwell          "

Water Pipit                                       "

Black Redstart   Hunstanton           "

Pink Footed Goose {3} Stanford Hall grounds 14th Fred B & Ken R

Goldeneye   Stanford Res                                                "

Little Owl   Burbage  14th Ken R

Short Eared Owl (7)  Eldernell 17th  Dave M , Nev W, Fred B, Heather Z,Ken R. "Last Minute Birding"

Hen Harrier                                                                             "

Marsh Harrier (3)                                                                    "

Barn Owl   (2)                                                                          "

Common Crane (13)                                                                "

Bittern ( Fly-over                                                                   "

Red Crested Pochard (2)  Stanford Res 21st Ken R & Fred B

Goldeneye                                                   "

Marsh Tit                                                    "

Coal Tit                                                       "

Chaffinch                                                    "

Greenfinch                                                  "

Dunnock                                                      "

Wren                                                            "

Great Spotted Woodpecker                        "

Tree Sparrow                                              "

Bullfinch                                                    "

Reed Bunting                                             "

Great Crested Grebe                                  "

Euro Teal                                                   "

Wigeon                                                       "

Gadwall                                                     "

Tufted Duck                                              "

Coot                                                           "

Moorhen                                                    "

Mute Swan                                                "

Greylag Geese                                           "

Canada Geese                                           "

Grey Wagtail                                             "

Kingfisher                                                  "

Common Buzzard                                      "

Green Sandpiper   Ravensthorpe  26th  Fred B & Ken R


                                                    NOVEMBER 2014

Green Sandpiper Eyebrook 4th Ken R & Fred B

Red Crested Pochard (11)  Stanford Res 6th Ken R & Fred B

Kingfisher (3)                                         "

Redpoll (5) Staunton Harold  16th  13 members Burbage Bird Club.

Fieldfare  40+   Redwing 10+                   "

BH Gull  ( 87 ) Common Gull (3)  LBB Gull  (9)                 "

GS Woodpecker (2)               "

Bullfinch (4)                         "

Little Owl (2) Lichgate Lane Burbage 16th  Ken R

Pink- Footed Goose  (4) South East over Sapcote  26th  Ken R

Little Owl  Burbage 30th Ken R

Redwing's, Fieldfare's, Bullfinch (5), Redpoll (4). Stoney Stanton 30th Ken R

Green Woodpecker                                                                     "

Blackcap                                                                                    "

Tawny Owl                                                                                "


                                                    OCTOBER 2014

Steppe Grey Shrike   Burnham Norton 5th Ken R ,Malc A

Hoopoe  Bedford 8th  Dave M

Black Necked Grebe (2)  Rutland Water 12th    Ken R, Fred B.

Scaup (male)                                         "

Ring Necked Duck                               "

Little Stint                                            "

Redwing (5)   Newbold Verdon 14th       Heather Z, Jane, Nick & Ben

Scilly Isles 16th / 23rd  Ken R, Maureen R, Fred B, Linda B, Malc A & Erik Ansel.

Yellow Browed Warbler, Richards Pipit, Short Toed Lark, Red Breasted Flycatcher, Jack Snipe, Green Winged Teal

Snow Bunting, Great Northern Diver, Black Redstart, Med Gull, Whimbrel, Whooper Swan.


Short Eared Owl  Maidwell 28th Dave, Nev & Graham

                                                    SEPTEMBER 2014

Common Redstart (2)  Croft 1st Dave Mason

Spotted Flycatcher         "

Common Redstart   Spring Gardens Sapcote 2nd  Ken R

Curlew Sandpiper  Titchwell 7th  Malc A

Little Stint                                          "

Red Backed Shrike  Blakeney Marsh  "

Marsh Harrier  Kelham Bridge 9th   Dave M

Green Sandpiper                 "

Red Necked Grebe   Daventry CP 11th Dave M

Hobby (2) Watermead CP 16th  David Carman

Little Stint Rutland Water 16th Ken R, Fred B, Erik A & Steve Lister.


RB Fly   Norfolk 18th Dave M

Yellow Browed Warbler  Norfolk 18th Dave M

Barred Warbler  Cley  18th Dave M                                                   

 Masked Shrike  Kilnsea 25th  Ken R, Fred B, Dave M, Graham D, Jeff D and Julie B.

Red Throated Diver  Withernsea                                          "

Med Gull    Easington                                                           "

Little Gull          "                                                                  "



                                                                                AUGUST 2014

Because of a health problem I have not been able to record all of this month.

Hobby  Frampton 24th  Malc Almey

Whinchat                   "

Pectoral  Sandpiper   "

Red Necked Grebe  Rutland Water 26th Fred & Linda Burton.

Black Tern Watermead Park 26th R

Hobby Ravensthorpe Res 31st  Ken R Fred B.

Goldeneye Pitsford                    "

Dunlin (4) Hollowell Res         "

Ringed Plover  (3)                     "

Common Sandpiper                  "

Barnacle Geese  (2)                   "

Grey Wagtail                             "

Spotted Flycatcher (2) 28th Croft    David Mason



                                                                                    JULY 2014

Marsh Harrier (9) Wootton Marshes 5th Ken R , Malc Almey

Bittern  Titchwell  5th                                                 "

Red Crested Pochard  Still has 5 young !!  Titchwell   "

little Owl (2)  Lytchgate Lane Burbage  8th Fred & Linda Burton

Yellowhammer (2) Sapcote Rd                                      "

Oystercatcher  Station Rd Market Bosworth 8th   Ken R

Greenshank (11) Ouse Washes 9th 6 members.

Kingfisher (2)                              "

Wood Sand                                 "

Barn Owl   (3)  9th                   "

Marsh Harrier (7)                      "

Spoonbill                                   "

Little Egret  roost  50+             "

Corncrake calling  Undisclosed Location  Ken R

Bullfinch (2)      Fosse Meadows  13th Fred & Ken

chiffchaff  (10)                 "

Reed Warbler  (3)             "

Yellowhammer  (3)           "

Sand Martin  (14)            "

Great Knot   Breydon Water  15th Geoff Busby, Carole B & Malc Almey

Black Winged Pratincole  Cley  15th   Malc Almey & Friend.

Grey Wagtail (7)  20th Stanford Res Ken R & Fred B

Kingfisher                                                 "

Common Sandpiper                                 "

Red Kite Sapcote  over Donkey Lane 22nd Ken R

Mistle Thrush                             "

Chiffchaff                                   "

Yellowhammer                            "

Curlew (2)  Bungalow Farm 22nd Sapcote Ken R

Glossy Ibis  Frampton Marsh 24th  Ken R , Fred B , Nev , Dave M & Friends. (suprise birding trip)

Little Stint (2)                                   "

Whimbrel                                         "

Green Sand                                      "

Common  Snipe                                "

Plus many more birds and meeting up with another pair of "Duckers & Divers " from Leicester.

Monty's Harriers 27th  Fred B, Malc Almey & Ken R


                                                        JUNE 2014

 BRIDLED TERN  Inner Farne 26th Ken R plus 6 members

Guillemot                                             "

Razorbill                                              "

Arctic, Common and Sandwich Terns               "

Kittywake                                            "

Puffin                                                  "

Eider                                                   "

Spotted Redshank Titchwell 15th Ken R ,Malc A

Med Gull  Hunstanton 14th   Ken R

Bearded Tit  Titchwell  15th Ken R Malc A

Spotted Flycatcher  Shenton 9th Ken R

Great Day out with 6 members + Brian Pollard to Wales on Sunday 8th--

Redstart  Inys Hir

Pied Flycatcher  "

Wood Warbler   "

Siskin         "

Crossbill     "

Osprey      "

Red Kites  many

Manx Shearwater  Borth Beach

Northern Gannet           "

Ringed Plover                "


Glossy Ibis  North Arm  5th  Ken R , Fred B

Spoonbill  Titchwell    5th               "

Garganey  Titchwell  5th Fred Burton, Ken R

                                                        MAY 2014

Quail Choseley  26th Malc Almey

Slender Billed Gull Titchwell 26th Malc Almey

Turtle Dove Paddocks Holme 26th Malc Almey

Red Kite Choseley 25th  "

Little Gull Titchwell 25th Malc Almey

Osprey Market Bosworth (over) 17th heading S/W 15:20 Ken R & H Zotov

Isaba & The Pyrenees with Malc Almey, Fred & Linda Burton, David & Pauline Mason, Geoff & Carol Busby, Bern & Zena , Derek Evans, Jim Murray plus Maureen & Me.

Lammergeier, Griffon , Black and Egyptian  Vultures, Black Winged Kite, Tengmalms Owl, Wallcreeper, Ortolan Bunting, Rufus Tailed Rock Thrush, Dupont's Lark, Black & White Stork's, Citreil Finch,  Alpine "Acca", Alpine & Red Billed Chough plus so many more, 149 species.

                                                       APRIL 2014

Redpoll  Welshpool  Brian Pollards Garden 2nd

Siskin                               "

Sand Martin  (1)  Bosworth Water Park 2nd   Ken R

Common Tern    Friezland Pool  Market Bosworth 2nd  Ken R

Portugal 4th / 11th was excellent this year with super weather,  very comfortable hotels, Hotel Alcazar in Monte Gordo, 

 The Beira Rio in Mertola and 149 species were seen. 

The team was- Malc Almey, Julie Brown, Ellen Sandeman, Ron Cornfoot, Bern Gibney, Zena Gray, Terry Peasegood, Alma Peasegood

Maureen Reeves and of course myself. 

Highlights were- Black Winged Kite, Slender Billed Gull, Lesser Short Toed Lark, Black Bellied Sandgrouse

Roller, Booted, Golden, Imperial, Short Toed eagles, Calandra Lark, 50+ Monty's Harrier, Bonelli's Warbler.

Little Bittern, Caspian Tern, Greater Flamingo 200 + Great Spotted Cuckoo 30 +,  Collared Pratincole and

Great and Little Bustards.


                                                                                 MARCH 2014

SUNDAY- THURSDAY  2nd-6th  Islay

White Tailed Sea Eagle (2), Chough (2), Barnacle Geese ( 30000 +), Greenland White Fronted Goose (2000+), Richardson's Canada Goose , Pink Footed Goose, Light Bellied Brent Goose, Long Tailed Duck, Scaup, Common Scoter, Pintail, Goldeneye, Common Teal, Greenshank, Black Guillemot, Guillemot, Razorbill, Golden Eagle, Merlin, Hen Harrier, Common Buzzard, Great Crested Grebe, Slavonian Grebe, Great Northern Diver, Red Throated Diver, Black Throated Diver, Dipper, Couldn't find the Thayers ! Grey Wagtail, Purple Sand's, Barn Owl, Woodcock, Whooper Swan, PLUS,PLUS many more.

The best yet including a couple of hours one afternoon at LAGAVULIN tasting the latest whiskey's . We all supported the local economy and starred in a STV film for Visit Scotland. A massive thanks to all the Scots who welcomed and entertained us throughout the stay . Port Charlotte Hotel, An Innes self catering, Ian & Margaret Brooke ( Islay Birds) and James How RSPB.

Little Egret  Harris Bridge  11th  Ken R

Chiffchaff  Station Garage Market Bosworth calling 12th  Ken R

Little gull (1)  Bosworth Water Park 24th 15:10 to 15:35 then flew west. Ken R

Willow Warbler Stoney Stanton 30th Ken R

Sand Martin (3)  Fosse Meadows 30th Ken R & Fred B



                                                     FEBRUARY 2014


Yellowhammer (9)  Far Coton Rd.

Kingfisher Male & Female Carlton canal bridge. I reckon I've found there nest site. Don't ask , I'm not telling !!

SUNDAY  23th

Mistle Thrush (3) Station garage Market Bosworth plus 7 Goldcrest and Raven (over)


Common Crane Horsey mill, Hen Harrier Stiffkey Marsh, Twite (8) Thornhan Harbour, Barn Owl Burnham Overy, Parrot Crossbill Hedge field, Golden Pheasant the triangle. 

Richards Pipit Salthouse, Common Scoter 1000 +, Velvet Scoter 4, Red Creasted Pochard  Titchwell.   Ken R & Fred Burton plus Malc Almey


Time for me to make an effort and go up north. It's about time I gave the Myrtle Warbler in Durham the courtesy of a visit. 

So I went with excellent company, Geoff B, John, Malc A & Fred B and in the snow we had excellent views of  "Myrtle"

 A lifer for them ,unfortunately not for me. From here we decided to call in at RSPB Salthome for the ilusive Green Winged Teal.

Not so ilusive when we got there ! great day, great company and Malc *****


Red Breasted Merganser  Stanford Res R


Draycote Water with Fred & Linda Burton . Linda say's it was a nice day and sightings were -  GN Diver' SlavGrebe, Smew


My first time back to the bungalow in Hunstanton since New Years Day and at last no rain, just SUNSHINE ! Malc Almey and myself started our day at a cool but interesting Holme beach and dunes. Plenty of Skylarks were showering our heads with song ,a change from rain at least, and good numbers of birds were taking advantage of the breeze.

Our  sightings here were - Goldfinch, Linnet, Black Tailed & Bar wit's, Sanderling, Dunlin, Grey Plover, RB Merganser, Eider, RT Diver, Redwing, Curlew and Meadow Pipit.

Moving on to Thornham  we caught up with Redshank , Greenshank, Little Egret and Ringed Plover. The new sea wall looks like it's nearing completion but it's so tall we can't see the NOA from here now .

Titchwell was next and as always it was packed, somebody had even parked in my place, Bloody nerve!! Sightings here were - Water Rail, Scaup, Ringtail, Brent, Pinkfeet,Common Snipe, Avocet, Teal, Pintail, Shelduck, Gadwall, Knot ,Turnstone  plus GBB, LBB, HG,& BH Gulls but no Med's.

So that's it . Another day over , see you in Islay Malc. 

Oh yes forgot to mention  I'm taking 6 birders, inc Malc & Fred, back to Islay on the 2nd March . BRING IT ON !!!!



                                                                                JANUARY 2014

 SUNDAY 19th

Burbage Bird Club walk today at Brandon Marsh was well supported with 16 members attending. The following information was sent in by walk leader Chris Newey.

Teal  Gadwall  Mallard  Goldeneye  Widgeon  Tufted duck 
Mute Swan  Canada goose  Greylag  Snipe  Lapwing 
Blue tit  Great tit  Lt tit  Coal tit  Siskin  Redpoll  Robin  Dunnock  Wren  Tree creeper  Nuthatch  Goldcrest  Reed bunting  Blackbird  Grey Heron  Cormorant  B h gull  Stock dove  Wood pidgeon 
Great spot wp  Green wp  Jay  Magpie  Common crow
Kestrel m/f  Buzzard  Sparrow hawk


After Fred's hospital stay I didn't think he would want to go out birding. But when i mentioned Rutland Water, Malc, Geoff, John and Carole, 

his pacemaker went into overdrive. We spent 4hrs around RW & EBR collecting, BT Diver, BN Grebe, LT Duck, Smew,  Brambling and Black Redstart

 Well anyway main thing ,Fred was chuffed.

Returning home from Hinckley I had a Tawny Owl fly over the road opposite Burbage Woods @ 14:20.

Whooper swans (21)  Reported on Cossington South . Pictures on www.thedrunkbirder.wordpress.com 


Just a brief visit to Eyebrook & Rutland today for Ring Necked Duck, Long Tailed Duck, Black Necked Grebes and Merlin.


Had a report today from David Carman of 2 Goosander at Sence Valley. Also a quick trip to RW  with DT secured Long Tailed Duck  and Black Redstart.


No records today


Trawled around today collecting my tax return,  GND, BTD, Scaup,Smew and Long Eared Owl .Plus Crossbill, Barn Owl , Little Owl and Red Kite. Not too bad I reckon.


No records today. Sorry ! On the way back from Hunstanton there were 5 Common Crane opp Chill Out.


Joined up with Geoff & Carol Busby, moaning Malc Almey,. Fred B, Charlie D , Di & Linda. It was windy , cold and late morning became bl---y wet.

We started at Snettisham, Hunstanton Cliff top, Titchwell and through the lanes to Flitcham. ending the day at Roydon Common.

 Malc complained that the sandwiches had dropped down from smoked salmon to Aldi pink tinned ! Cheek ! He gets them for free.

"Oh yes"  Birds seen were cold wet and knackered, all 85 species. 






















                                                             December 2013


 Terrible Day today. Weather very windy and wet.

FRIDAY 27th 

1 Black Throated Diver + 6 Scaup. Not bad for a Leicester Res is it ! they were both there and showing well today.


For a Boxing Day walk arranged at the last moment it was OK . 16 braved the MUD around Burbage Common and got plenty of good views of the migrant thrush's and woodland species. This time NO Marsh Tit !!. Are they also suffering???


Eyebrook with Fred for the Velvet Scoter and Ring Necked Duck. Came face to face with David Carr , that's the first time for 2 years. 


22 Goldfinches on the feeders in my garden this morning along with a male Blackcap in the bushes for the first time this winter.

A male Peregrine was in the air over Elmesthorpe this morning.


No Records today


I had a report today of 2 Bramblings on the feeder in a garden at Thurlaston . Travelling from Coalville I had 3 Snipe over the road 

at Kelham Bridge plus 5 Common Buzzards between Carlton and Bosworth


Hawkeye was down at Fosse Meadows today. His only sightings were 5 Bullfinch, 2 common Buzzards, 4 Tree Sparrows ( on the car park feeder ) and

1 Raven. Where are the Polls around the feeder ??

3 WAXWINGS  Hall Croft Avenue Countesthorpe reported.


Plenty of Thrush's moving around today. 77 Fieldfare  over Carlton . 23 Redwing Market Bosworth. Also 1 Grey Wagtail Far Coton Rd .

A Tawny Owl was calling tonight towards Cadeby.


Not a good day today. Poor records with no reports. Never mind there's tomorrow.


Just couldn't decide what to do today so me ! Geoff Busby & Fred Burton wrung the last drop of water out of 4 reservoirs

and Hanging Houghton. Highlights were 2 Goosander, 7-Tree Sparrow's,1- Great White Egret, 1-Little Egret, 1-Willow Tit, 9-Yellowhammer , 

3-Red Kites and finally one SEO plus a pair of Stonechat's at Houghton.


As always the conifers around the car park at Station Garage were home to roosting Goldcrest's . I counted 13 this evening at 16:15 hrs.

John C from Carlton reported a flock of 44 Goldfinches along the railway bank at Carlton Rd bridge . 

Two Tree Sparrows were on the bushes at Woodside Farm on the Common Rd this morning.Not seen too many this year.


Raven over Market Bosworth this morning. 74 Fieldfare + 7 Redwing Shenton to Far Coton Rd.  Ken R 

Mistle Thrush 4  Station Garage Market Bosworth  Ken R


Out on test this morning I was surprised to see 9 Golden Plover on the sports field at Wellesborough school. Ken R

Also I received a report of a Chiffchaff calling at Fosse Meadows near the hide. R

Barn Owl  Clickers Way by Roundabout early evening.


16 Burbagebirders were in Norfolk today the 8th.

 The devastation along the coast to some of the greatest birding sites in the UK is beyond belief.

The absolute power of the sea is something we ,in this country have not witnessed for  60 years.

The Christmas club trip recorded  89 species but i'm not going the bother listing them , maybe someday !!

Check out Penny Clarkes  birding site for up to date pic's and info.



November 2013

Local Sightings

Red Crested Pochard  2 Male + 2 Female Stanford Res 10th  Ken R & Fred B

Goosander (6)                                                               "

Garganey Female (1)   Flew in 10:50 ,     flew towards Welford Rd end  11:17  



Out Of Area

Red Throated Diver  2 flocks 37 +33 Sound Of Islay 17th from Ferry Ken R + 12 Burbagebirders

Long Tailed Duck                                            "

Goosander Draycott  17th Dave M

Chiffchaff                 "

Whooper  23 Ardnave  18th Ken R + 12 Burbagebirders

 Chough  43               "

Merlin Loch Gruinart      "

Richardson's Canada Goose   "

Han Harrier Male  Loch Nan Gabhar    "

Hen Harrier Female Ballivicar               "

Golden Eagle 1 Adult + 1 Juv  19th OA "

Scaup 131 Blackrock on beach        "

Pale Bellied Brent 7         "

 Long Tailed Duck  6  Off Bowmore  "

Slav's 15+                            "

Dipper  Claggain River      "

White Tailed Sea Eagle  Ballygrant  20th    "