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      Welcome To The Website For

    The Burbage Birders Travel Club

               With  Ken Reeves and Friends

                     The Leicestershire Lowlisters?




           LROS Everyday County Sightings.! HERE 


     In our experience. the most

  reliable CAR HIRE in Portugal !

  We use the VRSA Monte Gordo office.


 1- The Club on the Scilly Isles with the BBC, Neil Glenn and  myself    HERE   

2- Back to ISLAY in late November/December 2019 with "The Drunkbirder" at Port Charlotte .

Great Spotted Cuckoo .. Portugal 2019 Ken R


Alpine Chough 7000ft above Innsbruck on my visit to Swarovski HQ


Education is a wonderful thing . 


Another of Brian Pollards super pictures from Welshpool


Picture taken on our last trip in 2011 by Jim Murray. Yes ! It's our four walking on the sand

Get ready Luskentyre on the Outer Hebrides. We are on our way to see you  ! CLICK ON IMAGE


UK TRIPS!-     

Islay in February  2019 Geese, Geese and much more , ( FULL )   

The Outer Hebrides 2019 September/ October 8 days half board .   ( Booking Now )

Bernaray, North Uist, Benbecula , South Uist and Barra. Searching for migrants.

2 nights on Barra. Return from Barra to Oban by boat or Glasgow by plane.

Scilly Pelagic's (2) August 2019 with 4.   . (Two places left


Portugal 2019  Hotel Alcazar 7 nights half board at Monte Gordo in early May  ( Booking Now )

Bulgaria November 2019  5 nights (  Booking Now )

Poland Late May 2019 Two Hotels ,Krakow and the Carpathian mountains 8 days ( CONTACT NOW )



This is a picture Brian Pollard has taken

 in his garden during the setting up of his new photo

 area. I'm now waiting for the good one's !!!!!















  I never thought in 1994 when I had the idea of starting a local club that it would 

   still be going strong in 2016 
   Over the years the club has visited many fantastic birding locations including- 

   Majorca, Extremadura, Bulgaria, New England, Portugal, Florida, The Isles Of Scilly, 

   The Outer & Inner Hebrides, Islay, Orkney & Shetland plus many many birding sites in the UK.

   Unfortunately during this time some of our founder members have passed away ,

   but I assure you they will not be forgotten.   

For details contact   01455274173 or 07900334371